W2S3 [ˈɔpəreıt US ˈa:p-] v
7 operate as something
[Date: 1600-1700; : Latin; Origin: , past participle of operari 'to work', from opus; OPUS]
1.) ¦(MACHINE)¦
a) [T]
to use and control a machine or equipment
The Lewis family operated a number of boats on the canal.
Clive was experienced in operating the computers.
b) [I always + adverb/preposition]
if a machine operates in a particular way, it works in that way
operate in/at
Check that the equipment is operating in a safe manner.
The bus is designed to operate in all weather conditions.
Most freezers operate at below -18°C.
if a business or organization operates in a particular place or way, it works in that place or way
operate in/within/from
a design company operating from offices in Seattle.
A playgroup operates on the campus.
They were trying to reduce operating costs .
b) [T]
to control a business or organization
Nuns are operating an emergency hospital.
if a system, process, or service operates, or if you operate it, it works
The whole tax system is now operating more efficiently.
The new law doesn't operate in our favour.
The car parks operate a pay-as-you-leave system.
The bus company operates a Monday to Saturday service.
4.) ¦(MEDICAL)¦ [I]
to cut into someone's body in order to repair or remove a part that is damaged
Doctors had to operate to remove the bullet.
operate on
the surgeon who operated on Taylor's knee
5.) ¦(WORK)¦ [I]
to do your job or try to achieve things in a particular way
Most people just can't operate in noisy, crowded conditions.
Older children often like to operate independently.
if soldiers or police officers are operating in an area, they are working in that area
operate in
Security patrols now operate in some of the most dangerous parts of the city.
enemy submarines operating in the Mediterranean
7.) operate as sth
to have a particular purpose
The foam operates as a very effective filter.
The car's service manual is designed to operate as a guide for owners.
to have an effect on something
the laws of evolution operating on each species
HINT sense 4
A surgeon does not 'operate' a part of a person's body. He or she operates on it: [i]They need to operate on her stomach (NOT operate her stomach).

Dictionary of contemporary English. 2013.

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